Welcome to The Yakima Aero Club (YAC)

Our purpose is to provide the opportunity to engage in flying, and to encourage and develop skills in aviation.


Members enjoy low costs and fantastic year-round weather. We offer 24‑hour access to our aircraft with online scheduling.



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YAC currenty operates a Cessna 172 XP with a 195 HP engine and constant speed  prop. This aircrafts rental rate is $98/hobbs hour*. The Board of Directors are working to expand our fleet in the near future.

*The rental rate is billed based on accrued Hobbs hours and includes fuel, oil, and insurance costs. Rates are subject to change due to operational costs. Members are responsible for any landing or tie-down fees. Please refer to the Membership Handbook for additional details on reimbursement. 


Scheduling and Extended Flights

Aircraft are scheduled online through Flight Schedule Pro.


Members will be given a one-half hour grace period to meet their scheduled times. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the aircraft reservation. Cancel reservations as soon as possible when you are unable to fly as scheduled. If an aircraft is already scheduled, you can still book as a Standby alternate. You can opt to be notified via email or text message in case of a cancellation.  


If unavoidable delays or weather keep you from returning on time, notify a member of the Board of Directors and report your situation.

Members can schedule extended flights in the continental United States and Canada*. 

Guidelines for Extended Flights:

  • Flights can be scheduled up to two months in advance of the planned departure date.

  • Rental Maximums:

    • Seven (7) consecutive days booked May through August

    • Fourteen (14) consecutive days booked any time during the year

  • Daily Usage Minimums:​

    • Two (2) hours, Monday through Friday

    • Three (3) hours, Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays

  • Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.**

*If you plan to fly to Canada, visit the Transport Canada website HERE prior to your flight.

** Members must make their request in writing no less than ten (10) days prior to the intended departure date. You must have written consent from the YAC Board of Directors for any deviations.​


Flight Instruction and Aircraft Checkout

Local training is available in compliance with FAR Part 141 or Part 61. Members assume all flight training costs and must pay for training independently of aircraft rentals. Aircraft rates do not include Instructor fees.


Instructors are independent of YAC and each CFI establishes their own rates. All YAC members must be checked out in the aircraft they intend to fly by an approved YAC flight instructor (CFI) and remain in compliance with all FAA regulations (BFR, maintain currency etc.).


Yakima Airport

Training within the Yakima Valley introduces and refreshes pilots on small and large, controlled and uncontrolled airport operations. Local flights boast incredible views of the evergreen Cascade mountains, snow-capped Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier, desert hills, and the glistening Yakima River. Our summers are sunny and warm, and winters cold and clear. The airfield is meticulously maintained and offers two runways. Runway 9/27 offers pilot controlled lighting over 8,500 feet, while Runway 4/22 offers spectacular short-field takeoff practice, with over 3,500 feet of usable pavement.

Airport Information is available HERE which includes maintenance facilities, FBOs, fuel, current airport weather, airport improvement projects, and airfield history. Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) are available HERE.



Membership is open to any U.S. Citizen.

We offer two levels of membership.


Flying Membership ( Full Access ) Click Here for application

     *Joining Fee: $500, payable at time of acceptance to YAC 

     *Membership Fee: $60, payable on the first of each month.

     *Access to flying the airplane, Access to Clubhouse and social events


Social Membership. (Partial Access )  Click HERE for application

     *Membership Fee: $20, payable on the first of each month.

     * Access to Clubhouse and social events


For Flying Members:


Operating Procedures are available for download HERE.

Articles of Incorporation are available for download HERE.

For our member’s protection, YAC carries insurance with liability limits of $1M per occurrence. This coverage applies to physical damage (hull insurance) and covers damage incurred to an aircraft, less a deductible of $1,000. We do not carry insurance for property damage or bodily injury (passengers are covered at $100K per person, up to $1M per occurrence). For insurance policy details, contact the YAC Board of Directors.

Rental Insurance is available for purchase from companies such as AOPA and Avemco


YAC utilizes QuickBooks to bill members. A statement will be emailed to the member and is payable within ten (10) days of receipt. The monthly membership fee can be automatically withdrawn from a checking account on file.

Social Activities and Events

Activities are held throughout the year to bring club members and the community together. Events include safety meetings, workshops, pancake breakfasts, Member Fly-Outs, and Kid's Day. Click HERE to see our Upcoming Events.

Monthly Dues and Initiation Fee

  1. Apply to become a member, download an application Here

  2. Complete the application: attach a copy or photo of your driver’s license and medical certificate (if applicable), and verify all information is valid and correct.

  3. Submit your application: online, email, or US mail to PO Box 10561, Yakima, WA 98909.

  4. The YAC Board of Directors will review your application.

  5. You will be notified if your application was/was not accepted.

  6. Once accepted, you'll set up a username and password for online scheduling.

  7. Set up a billing account.



Josh Soracco, President

Eric Duffield, Vice President

Cameron Baron, Treasurer


Jim Canaday      Maintenance officer

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